About Global Investigative Services

Global Investigative Services, Inc. is a full service detective agency that was established in 2014 by a former Myrtle Beach Police Officer.

Our investigators have more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in investigations. The investigators are made up of Law Enforcement Officers who have worked numerous cases involving street level narcotics, fugitive recovery, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Cases (OCDETF) and they have specialized training in identifying and dismantling methamphetamine labs. The investigators have worked as a Task Force Agent with Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). We have extensive experience in undercover operations and covert surveillance, as well as extensive experience in the use and deployment of technical surveillance equipment including, but not limited to, GPS trackers and covert cameras.

Over the last 12 years, the owner of Global Investigative Services, Inc. has been licensed as a private investigator in the State of South Carolina and has worked numerous cases involving family court matters such as adultery, child custody, change of circumstance, and alimony. Global Investigative Services, Inc. conducts investigations involving workers compensation, personal injury, live and well checks, interviewing witnesses, background checks and private process. Global Investigative Services, Inc. provides superior investigative services, uses only state of the art equipment, and employs highly trained and licensed professional investigators to provide you with quality results.