Is Your Spouse Cheating?

Do you suspect your spouse may be cheating? How do you know if your suspicions are correct? It may be little things or changes in his/her routine that can alert you that your spouse may be committing adultery.


Some signs that your spouse may be cheating are:

  • Change in dress: You start seeing more care given to his/her appearance. New clothes, change in style, and more attention to hygiene.
  • A change in intimacy: You notice either a marked increase or decrease in intimacy levels and frequency. New sexual preferences are often brought into the bedroom.
  • Higher level of privacy: cell phones are no longer left around the house; it seems to always be on your spouses’ person. Suddenly things such as computer access, cell phones, and tablets are password protected, and you don’t know the password. When a call comes in your spouse starts to take them in private.
  • Your spouse begins to belittle and make hurtful remarks to you.
  • Encourages you to take a vacation with ‘just the girls’ or ‘just the guys’ and suddenly expresses an interest to take his/her own holiday.
  • New credit cards only in his/her name.
  • Increased secretive use of the internet and social media. You may notice the usage on the account you share has dropped drastically. This may hint at another account being opened that you are not aware of.
  • A sudden interest in going to ‘new’ or ‘hot’ restaurants or clubs. Usually he/she wasn’t even aware there was a hot or new anything in town.
  • Change in work routine: Late nights, dinner meetings, and increase in out of town trips.
  • Starts to drop a name in conversations on a more frequent basis.

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