Child Custody Investigations

Joint Custody, Full Custody, Sole Legal Custody

Child custody

These are a few of the results of a child custody case. The final determination is all in an effort to prevent possible or further child abuse, endangerment, and neglect. If parents cannot come to terms during mediation, then the court is ultimately responsible for making decisions and changes in custody. To do so, the court will usually require evidence of conditions which are unsafe or endangering the welfare of the child. At Global Investigative Services, Inc. we can help you provide evidence to the court so that the decision made is based on fact and in the best interest of your child.

There are different types of custody that can be awarded; you and your lawyer will decide what is the best for your situation:

  • Joint custody: both parents share physical and legal custody
  • Joint legal Custody: the responsibility for decisions, health, welfare and education are shared by both parents
  • Joint physical custody: child spends set periods of physical time with each parent.
  • Full or sole physical custody: The child lives with one parent. The other parent often will have visitation. The court can order the terms of visitation.
  • Sole legal custody: The health, welfare and all decision making is the responsibility of one parent.

There are 2.5 million divorces obtained yearly and very often child custody is a part of the proceedings. No parent wants to lose custody of their child, and in addition to mom and dad, the child, relatives, and even close friends can be brought into the custody battle. You want to do what is best for your child, shield them from the stress of a custody battle, while at the same time ensuring that your child is placed in the situation that is healthy and will allow your child to thrive.

Some of the steps we take to aid you in your child custody case are:

  • Uncover criminal records
  • Proof of drinking or drug habits
  • DUI charges
  • In-depth background checks
  • Locate and interview witnesses

Whether it is child abuse or an unsafe situation due to bad habits, it is crucial to ensure that the safety and emotional health of your child is paramount. Global Investigative Services, Inc. is here to help obtain the evidence needed to make your case.