Insurance Investigations

Workers comp investigations

Millions – yes that says MILLIONS – of dollars are at stake when it comes to Worker’s Compensation. This not only has an effect on the employers who are involved in the case, but also other firms that use the same insurer. The insurance companies who have to pay out these claims will eventually raise premiums across the board. Each year, employers lose significant amounts of money paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims. A false claim not only costs your business and the insurer money, it can create a culture of dishonesty and suspicion in the work place.

How do you put a stop to fraudulent claims? The first step would be to hire Global Investigative Services, Inc., a company experienced in surveillance and investigation. We have many tools at our disposal to help stop or discover false claims.

Some of the more prevalent false claims include:

  • Off-site injuries that an employee claims happened on the job.
  • Slip and Falls
  • An employee that has a legitimate injury but tries to add more benefits than they’re entitled to by taking advantage of the system.

If you suspect insurance fraud, Global Investigative Services, Inc. can uncover the truth. Contact us for a consultation today.